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Das Spiel herunterzuladen von Alawar: Erbschaft: Hexeninsel

Alawar spiele: Erbschaft: Hexeninsel

While taking an exciting hot air balloon ride, you and your friend Peter are whisked away to a land unlike any you have ever seen! It is a magical, extraordinary, and mysterious island! With the help of an adorable talking raccoon, you learn the island is ruled by an evil witch…and you are the only one who can stop her! Prepare for an epic hidden object puzzle adventure that will absolutely blow your mind! Go forth and become a hero in Legacy: Witch Island!

As the balloon was swept to the island by a ferocious storm, you were separated from Peter as you fell from the sky. Go on a quest to find him, meeting many strange creatures along the way! The witch reveals that she wants your mirror...and that Peter is in her castle! Find out the secret behind the mirror and the witch’s evil schemes as you play awesome hidden object scenes, challenging mini-games, and mind bending puzzles! The story needs a hero, will you play the part?

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